Getting Started with Jell

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Thank you for trying out Jell! In this guide you'll get a good overview of how to use Jell for your team.

Setup your account

After signing up for Jell, you'll be taken through a series of easy-to-follow steps where you'll create your organization in Jell. After you have given your organization a name (don't worry, all these settings can be customized later), you'll select if you'd like to start with Standups or OKRs. If you start with either one, the other can be setup later.

Creating your team

You can have one or more teams in your Jell organization. Individual members can be part of more than one team. After creating your first team, you can invite your team members via email. 

Invited team members will receive an invitation via email. To join your team in Jell, they'll simply follow the link in the email and select a password. Once your team members have joined, they will immediately be able to start submitting Standups.

Customize your Standup settings and questions

To change your team Standup frequency, edit questions and other settings, edit the Standup under Standups:

In the Standup settings page you will be able to edit:

  • Name of your standup - Customize the name of the standup
  • Standup permissions - When your standup is set to public, any member in the organization will be able to join and view standup submissions. When it is set to private, only team members will be able to see the team or view Standups or Check-ins published to the team. An existing team member will need to add or invite new members.
  • Standup frequency - By default, your standup will be set to happen every weekday (Monday - Friday).
  • Standup reminders - Customize the time your team will be reminded to submit their Standup. You can enable a follow up reminder and even give each member the ability to customize their reminders for the Standup. Please note that if the Standup allows individual team members to customize their reminder times and if the follow up time is scheduled to occur before then the follow up is re-scheduled for 1 hour after the reminder time.
  • Standup questions - Edit, delete, re-order or copy questions. Changing questions will only change them for future standups. Questions asked in previous standups will remain unchanged. To add a new question click the Add a New Question button at the bottom of the list.

Creating a Check-in

Check-ins are similar to standups in that they're a way for your team to share progress, but they can be further customized for a number of different use cases. They're great for things like one-on-one prep or weekly management reporting.

You can create a new check-in by clicking on Check-Ins in the main navigation:

For details on configuring your Check-in see: Check-in Settings

Connect with Slack, Microsoft Teams or other integrations

Jell integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams allowing you and your team to publish standups, check-ins and other activity to easily stay on top of what's happening in your team.

Other integrations include:

  • JIRA
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Trello
  • Clubhouse
  • Fogbuz
  • Pivotal Tracker

If you ever get stuck or would like a live demo, click on the conversation icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the page to ask us a question. Or send an email to We're here to help.

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