What is Jell?

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Jell creates transparency for your team, allowing you to discover and correct issues before they become problems. 

Why Use Jell?

By using fully customizable online Standups, Check-ins, and OKRs, your team can focus on the things that matter most.

1. Meetings are more effective

Meetings become much more meaningful and strategic. When everyone checks in with Jell, you can bypass the tedious "go around the circle and share" part of your meetings, which means you can get down to business sooner.

2. Teams are more focused

Successful teams know that completing their Most Important Tasks are an integral part of maintaining the team's velocity. When everyone thinks deliberately about what’s important to get done that day and then communicates with the team, more gets accomplished.

3. Teammates are more aware

Not being fully vested during daily check-ins is a common problem for most teams. With Jell, people have time to make sure updates are relevant to others, in addition to being able to operate completely asynchronously. 

Team members can also comment, like, and reply to any task. Plus, it’s content that everyone can go back to during the day — so no one misses what was said. 

Best Practices

Here are a few things to keep in mind when adopting Jell:

1. Make a commitment

Your team might be reluctant to use yet another tool at first. Assigning an Adoption Officer to follow up with those forgetting to contribute daily has helped many teams follow through with their commitment so you can accurately gauge the value of Jell for your team's needs.

2. Explain the value

It's important to communicate to your team how Jell will improve life for everyone. For example:

  • We'll have more productive meetings
  • We'll solve the communication problems we've been having
  • We'll reach our goals faster

If you share the vision of what life will look like after Jell Adoption, your team will be more invested on an individual level.

3. Give feedback to your team

If your team's sharing their work in Jell, it's important that they get your feedback.

This can be as simple as "liking" something that they accomplished, or posting a comment to let them know that you're engaged with their communication. 

With Jell, you can also share constructive feedback to ask for more or less detail from your team. You can tweak questions in the check-in, or set clear expectations about what things you want everyone to share.

Looking to get the most out of your team? Check out 6 Ways to Jell: Your Guide to Better Technology Adoption

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