Standup Settings

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To change your team standup frequency or edit questions, edit the standup under Standups:

Only team or organization admins will be able to edit Standup settings.

Standup Permissions

  • Private - When set to private, only team members will be able to see the team or view Standups or Check-ins published to the team. An existing team member will need to add or invite new members.
  • Public - By default, all teams are public to the organization — any organization members can view Standups or Check-ins that are published to that team. With public teams, any organization member can join or subscribe to a team.

Standup Frequency

From the standup settings page you'll be able to change the frequency of your standup:

By default, your standup will be set to happen every weekday (Monday - Friday).

Standup Reminders

From the settings page you will be able to customize the time your team will be reminded to submit their Standup. You can enable a follow up reminder and even give each member the ability to customize their reminders for the Standup.

Note: If the Standup allows individual team members to customize their reminder times and if the follow up time is scheduled to occur before then the follow up is re-scheduled for 1 hour after the reminder time.

Standup Questions

To edit an existing question, hover over the question and click the edit button:

You'll also be able to reorder, delete or copy questions using the buttons you see when hovering over the question.

To add a new question, simply copy an existing one or click the Add a New Question button at the bottom of the list. Here is additional information on the available question types.

You'll need to save your changes for them to show up on the next Standup.

Note that changing questions will only change them for future standups. Questions asked in previous standups will remain unchanged.

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