Tracking Your OKR Goals with Jell

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Setting your OKR goals in Jell

To start tracking your goals in Jell, click on the OKRs link in Jell's main menu. Create your first objective (goal) by clicking on the Add Objective link or button. Enter a description of the objective you want to achieve. You can always change the name of your objective later.

You can then add the key results you will use to measure the objective's success. Each objective can have any number of key results, but we recommend limiting it to two to five key results per objective. All of your key results should be measurable. The success of each key result can be measured by when it is completed, or with metrics. To add additional key results, click on the "plus" button.

Click the Continue button when you have finished adding your objective's key results. 

Select who is responsible for the objective. If you select Individual, a specific person (usually you, if you're creating the objective) will be responsible. A Team objective is an objective where a specific team will contribute to the success and completion of the objective. For example, if the objective is to redesign a new landing page, the design team in your organization will likely be the team responsible for the objective. Objectives where more than one team or your whole organization will contribute to can be set to an Organization-wide objective.

On the next page, specify when you want to complete the objective. Objectives can be quarterly or annual

Click the Save & Publish button to finish setting up for objective.

Tracking Results and Updating Progress

To start tracking key results that will be measured by when they are completed, click on the three-dotted menu button for your Objective and select Update Progress. To start tracking, select the In Progress option. When the key result is completed, you would simply mark it as Completed.

To update the progress of key results that will be measured with metrics, again select Update Progress and update the progress for the key result.

When you're finished updating the progress on your key results, click the Save & Publish button to save your progress.

A great way to remember to update your results is to set a recurring plan in your Standup. A recurring plan gets added to your current plans each day you specify. You can have the recurring plan added to your plan daily, or on specific days of the week.

Scoring Your Results

At the end of the quarter or year, you can score each of your results, to indicate how well you accomplished each one. Your scores will be averaged, giving you a total score for the objective. The total score will be shown in your OKRs list. To score your results, click on the three-dotted menu button and select Score. Click on a number on the score bar or drag to your desired score. When you're finished, save your changes. 

Sharing Progress

Throughout the progress on your results, you and your team will be able to comment on each key result. This is a great way for teammates to provide feedback on your results, or ask questions along the way. To comment on a key result, click the Key Results dropdown and click the 'comment' icon for the key result. Add your comment or question and click Post to send the comment to your teammates.

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