Jira Integration

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Jell's integration with JIRA gives your team the ability to easily search for issues to link to from their standup. This helps give context for what everyone's working on, without the hassle of copying and pasting between systems.

Search for Jira tasks by clicking on the "Add from..." link in the "What are you planning to do today?" section of your Standup.

Select "Jira" and you'll then see an input box to enter your search query. You can use JIRA Query Language (JQL) for advanced searches.

Connecting JIRA

To setup your JIRA integration, go to your organization settings page from the menu:

Locate the JIRA button and click Connect:

Insert your JIRA URL (this will be the full URL you use to view JIRA in your browser) and click "Save & Continue". If your JIRA is installed in a non-root context path, then the URL should include the context path.

Next, you'll create an application link in JIRA. In JIRA, click the gear iconApplicationsApplication Links and enter "https://app.jell.com" into the textbox. Click Create new link

Configure Application URL modal will open, ignore the warning and simply click Continue.

In the Link applications modal enter the following settings, and leave everything else blank.

Application Name: Jell
Application Type: Generic Application
Create incoming link: Make sure this is checked

Once you click Continue, JIRA will ask for the following settings:

Consumer Key: Jell
Consumer Name: Jell
Public Key: Copy and paste the public key we've generated for you (within the Jell settings page)

Click Continue. JIRA should now set up an Application Link to Jell. Once setup, click the Connect to JIRA button within Jell. You'll be taken to JIRA's website to authorize integration. Once complete, you'll be redirected back to Jell where you can manage the integration settings.

JIRA Settings

To modify your JIRA settings, go to your organization setting page and click Edit Settings next to the JIRA logo.

From here, you can optionally configure each project each Jell team can search. Leave it blank to disable JIRA on that team, or select All Projects to search across your JIRA organization.

If you're not seeing a recent project in the selection list, click Re-Sync Projects link at the bottom of the list.

Disconnecting JIRA

To remove JIRA from Jell, click the  Delete integration link at the top of the settings page:

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