What's New — 2017 Redesign

We're happy to share a completely redesigned web experience for Jell. It's more than just a beautiful new UI — we've worked hard to make sure Jell is easier for you to use each day, and is more intuitive for new team members.

Here's a rundown of the major changes you'll see:

Improved Navigation

You'll see a new universal menu that will quickly help you navigate to any major page in the app.

Persistent links to your workspace, check-ins and profile page will always be visible on the right, while links related to the organization, team or user you're viewing will be visible on the left.

Updated Terminology

We've made some major changes to Jell terminology to make things easier to understand:

  • Reports → Check-Ins
  • To-Dos → Future Plans
  • Objectives → OKRs

These changes won't affect any functionality within these features.

Fluid Layout

We've rebuilt the layout of the app to be much more responsive to different browser widths. We'll take advantage of the full width of the browser for those of you using large monitors, while continuing to make Jell useful on mobile and smaller screen sizes.

Please take a minute to share any feedback you have on the changes — we'd love to hear what you think!

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