Standup Reminders

Once you have a standup configured, everyone on the team will receive a reminder to participate.

Note: If the Check-in allows individual team members to customize their reminder times and if the follow up time is scheduled to occur before then the follow up is re-scheduled for 1 hour after the reminder time.

By default, each person will receive a reminder by email:

And if you have Slack connected, each person will receive a DM on Slack or a prompt from the Jell bot:

If your team is using Jell's Microsoft Teams integration, you will receiving a reminder via the Teams desktop app or mobile app, so long as the Chat option is selected in the Remind me when it's time to submit a standup or check-in settings under Notifications.

Standups in Jell are meant to be asynchronous, meaning that each team member submits answers to standup questions on their own time. 

Each user can configure where they receive reminders and what time they receive them by going to Notifications from the menu:

From here, they can select the days and times they receive reminders for each standup and check-in:

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