Check-In Settings

To change your check-in permissions, frequency or questions, go to Check-Ins from the top navigation and select Edit from the check-in menu:

Only the check-in creator will be able to edit it's settings.

Assigning a Check-In

From the settings page, you can select who you want to fill out the check-in:

All Organization Members — everyone that's a member of the organization will be asked to fill out the check-in. If any new employees join the organization, they'll automatically be assigned this check-in.

— everyone that's a member of the team you select will be asked to fill out the check-in. If any new employees join a team, they'll automatically be assigned this check-in.

Individual — you'll be able to select specific people across your organization that will need to fill out the check-in.

Check-In Frequency

From the settings page you'll be able to change the frequency of your check-in:

Check-In Permissions

From the settings page, specify the permissions for viewing any submissions:

Private — only the specific people you select will be able to see submissions in Jell, and receive submission emails.

Public — anyone you select will be notified of new submissions. If you select a team, submissions will be published to the team page and any connected integrations. No matter the selection, public submissions can be potentially read by anyone inside your organization.

Check-In Questions

To edit an existing question, hover of the question and click the edit button:

You'll also be able to reorder, delete or copy questions using the buttons you see when hovering over the question.

To add a new question, simply copy an existing one or click the Add a Question button at the bottom of the list.

You'll need to save your changes for them to show up on the next scheduled check-in.

Note that changing questions will only change them for future check-ins. Questions in previous check-in submissions will remain unchanged.

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