Removing Users From Your Organization

To remove users from your Jell Organization/Account to avoid being billed for them, they will need to be removed from the Members page versus a Team page. Removing a user from a Team page only removes the user from a team, but the user will still be part of your Jell organization and will continue to be billed for.

Note: Only organization Admins can remove other users. Any user can leave the organization on their own.

Click on Settings > Members and click Remove for the user(s) you would like to remove.

Credit for Removed Users

When a user is removed from your organization, your account will be credited. You will see the credit applied to the next invoice (yearly or monthly) in your billing cycle. The credit amount will be for the unused time for the user, in the billing cycle it was removed in. Whenever possible, we recommend adding and removing users within the same billing cycle. 

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