Submitting a Standup

Standups are a great way for everyone on the team to share what they're working on. Jell can help you replace your synchronous standups by prompting your team to answer just a few questions:

By default, each team you create in Jell will have a daily standup and three questions:

  • What did you accomplish yesterday?
  • What are you planning to do today?
  • What challenges stand in your way?

To get the most out of Jell, remember to collaborate with your colleagues by liking or commenting on their standup items.

Remember, team admins can fully customize standup questions and frequency. For more information, check out Standup Settings.

The above videos demonstrate Jell's functionality in a desktop browser, but you can also use your mobile device (iPhone, Android, etc.) and the browser of your choice to submit your standups and check-ins.

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