Flowdock Integration

Jell's integration with Flowdock allows you to publish standups, check-ins and other activity to Flowdock to easily stay on top of what's happening with your team.

Connecting Flowdock

To setup your Flowdock integration, go to your organization Settings page from the menu and click on Integration:

Locate the Flowdock button and click Connect:

You'll be taken to the Flowdock website to select your account and approve the integration. Once complete, you'll be redirected back to Jell where you can manage the integration settings.

Flowdock Settings

To modify your Flowdock settings, go to your organization settings page and click Edit Settings next to the Flowdock logo.

From here, you can configure the flows where activity for each team is published:

To configure what messages get posted to Flowdock, click Edit Settings next to your organization or team and select all the items you want posted:

Disconnecting Flowdock

To remove Flowdock from Jell, click the Delete Integration link at the top of the settings page:

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