Trello Integration

Note:  Our integration will only work with Team Trello Boards (not Personal).  Visit Trello's help site to find out what type of board you have.

Jell's integration with Trello gives your team the ability to easily search for cards to link to from their standup. This helps give context for what everyone's working on, without the hassle of copying and pasting between systems.

Connecting Trello

To setup your GitHub integration, go to your organization Settings page from the menu and click on Integrations:

Locate the Trello button and click Connect:

You'll be taken to the Trellos's website to authorize integration. Once complete, you'll be redirected back to Jell where you can manage the integration settings.

Trello Settings

To modify your Trello settings, go to your organization settings page and click Edit Settings next to the Trello logo.

From here, you can select the organization you want to connect to. You can optionally configure which board each Jell team will be able to search. Leave it blank to disable Trello on that team, or select All Boards to search across your Trello organization:

Disconnecting Trello

To remove Trello from Jell, click the Delete Integration link at the top of the settings page:

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