Getting started with Jell for Microsoft Teams

Jell makes it easy to run stand-ups asynchronously within Microsoft teams.

Getting Started

Install Jell within your Microsoft team environment in the Teams App store.  To get the most out of Jell, we recommend installing Jell for yourself and adding to a Team.

Doing both allows the use of Jell in two places in Microsoft Teams:  
Channels and your personal App workspace

The advantages of using Jell in a channel

  • All Check-ins associated with your team are shown - This is the best place for  multiple people on a team to sync and know what each individual is working on.

The advantages of using Jell in your app workspace

Best place to keep track of multiple stand-ups or check-ins on a variety of teams.  

From the workspace, you can keep track of your future plans (a future to-do list of sorts) and add them to your current plans when it’s time to accomplish.

How to create a stand-up

1 - Add Jell
Go to a channel in one of your Teams and click the “+” sign.  This will allow you to add Jell to a tab. 

2 - Select an existing or new team.  
When selecting a new team, enter your team name. 

Pro-tip: think of the team name as the standup name, you can have multiple standups or check-ins in a channel (if needed).

3 - Configure your questions.
By default we ask “what did you accomplish yesterday”, “what are you planning to do today?” and “what challenges stand in your way”.  

If you want to add more questions, you have the option to add text, list, multiple choice and number fields. 

Learn more about the standup question types.

4 - Set your schedule & reminders
Next, you select how often you want this stand-up to occur. 

For example, if you want the stand-up to happen every week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, the meeting type should be set to ' Recurs: weekly every 1 week' with the days M, W & F selected. 

After you select the frequency, select if you want reminders sent to the team.  This will allow you to send a card in Microsoft Teams reminding your colleagues to complete their stand-up.

5 - Add participants
Add the people you want to participate in the stand-up. This can be accomplished as follows:

a)  Inviting them at

You'll need to login with your Microsoft credentials.

Go to the Teams page and select the name of the stand-up, click “Add Team Members”. 

b)  Joining in Microsoft Teams

They can also join a stand-up by navigating to the Jell tab in the Microsoft Teams Channel and clicking “Join Jell”.

Congratulations, you have created a stand-up!

Looking for help with adopting Jell? Check out 6 Ways to Jell: Your Guide to Better Technology Adoption

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