To change your team standup frequency or edit questions, edit the standup under Check-Ins:

Only team or organization admins will be able to edit standup settings.

Standup Frequency

From the standup settings page you'll be able to change the frequency of your standup:

By default, your standup will be set to happen every weekday (Monday - Friday).

Standup Questions

To edit an existing question, hover of the question and click the edit button:

You'll also be able to reorder, delete or copy questions using the buttons you see when hovering over the question.

To add a new question, simply copy an existing one or click the Add a Question button at the bottom of the list.

You'll need to save your changes for them to show up on the next standup.

Note that changing questions will only change them for future standups. Questions asked in previous standups will remain unchanged.

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